Finikounda is one of the most picturesque small towns in southern Greece and lies on the southwest part of the region of Messinia, in the Peloponnese. Its name, Finikounda or Foinikounda or Finikounta or even Finikunda, most probably came from the ancient civilization of “Phoenicians”, whose trading needs were being served from Finikounda’s little port. Finikounda is mostly famous for the golden sandy beaches which are every year awarded with the European Blue Flag. Anemomylos and Lampes beaches are the most popular ones.


The town itself has been built amphitheatrically, right at the point where the beach ends, offering a spectacular view towards the Mediterannean sea. The seafront is full of traditional taverns serving fresh fish caught by local fishermen. The area is also of great archaelogical and historical interest, with a plethora of places to visit such as the castle of Methoni or the Nestor’s palace in the city of Pylos.


Finikounda is mainly considered an ideal place to relax and enjoy the hot and sunny summer days. At the same time, the guest is offered the possibility to explore several water sport activities such as windsurfing and sailing. Although a famous tourist destination, Finikounda has preserved its natural style and many places are still unexplored or non-commercialized and thus this makes it ideal for mountain biking or walking on the untouched pathways.


Finikounda’s nightlife is also very famous with many local night clubs and bars right next to the sea offering all kinds of drinks, beers and summer cocktails.


Finikounda is a great destination for cultural purposes as well. The local theatrical group often performs some of the most famous theatrical plays at the small open theatre located by the port. During the summer, there is also a great book exhibition with a variety of international books to choose from.